The conference will take place in the Sala Angel Sanz, ground floor of the Facultad de Economia of UNED, the Spanish Open University. The address is Paseo de Senda del rey 11. For an exact depiction please see map .

Keep in mind that we are organizing a low-cost conference (no poster, no badges, etc), but there will be coffee upon arrival around 9.30 the first day.


Day 1: 15 December

10:00 J. M. Bernardo (U. Valencia)
Keynote address: Hypothesis Testing from a Decision Theory Viewpoint: A General Objective Bayesian Approach
11:15 Break
11:30 Aart De Vos and Marc Francke (Free University Amsterdam)
No More Null Hypotheses, Just Decisions
12:10 Mike Evans and Zeynep Baskurt (University of Toronto)
Hypothesis Assessment via Bayes Factors and Relative Belief Ratios
12:50 Valen Johnson (University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center)
On The Importance of Distinguishing Between Hypotheses: The Role of Non-local Prior Densities in Bayesian Hypothesis Testing and Model Selection
13:30 Lunch
There is a set menu, around 7 EUR, on offer at the university restaurant, where they also serve sandwiches and snacks. If you have any special dietary requirement, let us know in advance!
15:00 Cecilia Nardini (University of Milan & SEMM & IEO)
Can Likelihood-based Tests Be Reliable in Sequential Clinical Trials?
15:40 R. Trotta, A. Jaffe, D. Mortlock and D.Van Dyke (I.C. London)
Model Criticism and Model Selection in Cosmology
16:20 Break
16:40 Valeriano Iranzo (U. Valencia)
Some Remarks on Bayesian Measures of Explanatory Power
17:20 Deborah Mayo (Virginia Tech)
Are Frequentist Significance Tests Inconsistent? Breaking through “Birnbaum’s Breakthrough”

We are organizing a conference dinner (a 30 EUR set menu) on Thursday at 21.00 in Situ, a nice restaurant in calle Valverde 40 (very central). Furthermore, it’s a very busy season, so we need to book our seats well in advance, so please confirm your attendance asap!

Day 2: 16 December

10:00 K.Brewer, G.Hayes and A. Gillison (Australian National Uni)
Using Fisher’s p to Measure Significance
10:40 Kevin Hoover (Duke)
Keynote address: The Role of Hypothesis Testing in the Molding of Econometric Models
11:55 Break
12:10 Nicholas Longford (SNTL and Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Statistics Without Hypothesis Testing
12:50 Ian Hunt
One Problem. Many Hypotheses
13:30 Paul Healey
Speculative Decision Making
14:10 Lunch